NAICS and SIC Codes


The NAICS Association offers an array of highly reliable and valuable resources to assist companies in determining all things pertaining to NAICS and SIC Codes. One of the things they do is they maintain a directory of over 10 million business entities with a sector code. Your sector code is often requested in grant applications. You can also use Sector codes to find businesses in a particular industry.

How do I get a NAICS Code? Has one been assigned to me?

NAICS is a Self-Assigned System. Essentially what that means is you pick the code that best suits your business and use it when asked for your code. No one assigns you a NAICS Code!

How do I look up a Company’s NAICS Code?

To identify the NAICS Code being used for a specific company, visit the US Company Lookup Tool by To identify the proper code for your company, use the NAICS SEARCH TOOLS to identify the code that best reflects your primary business activity (revenue producing activity.)

Does My Business have a NAICS Code?

Yes. As long as you have a business you must have a business activity. Your code merely describes your Primary and Secondary Income-Producing Lines of business.

Can I use more than one code?

Yes. Most businesses have more than one revenue-producing line of business.


For more information about NAICS Codes, visit their website


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