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I've advised and helped many small and medium businesses with various Chambers of Commerce in Chicago over the last ten years.  I've observed the vibrancy of entrepreneurship firsthand. A satisfying aspect of this journey has been connecting with business owners, offering guidance, and facilitating valuable connections. Gold Mountain Refinery represents an exciting opportunity to continue this endeavor in my own way.

The thrill of creating a new business is unparalleled. From conceiving innovative ideas to crafting the brand identity and devising strategic plans, the process is fueled by creativity and innovation.

Emerging technologies, 3D printinge is an example of innovation. Having seen it almost 30 years ago, it is great to see its use at  both the consumer and professional level. Artificail Intelligence (AI) is another technology that has been in development for years, and we are getting to use it on our laptops. AI holds immense promise for enhancing business capabilities in many different aspects.

Gold Mountain Refinery aims to harness the power of AI to sift through vast data sets and unearth valuable insights, akin to finding "nuggets of gold." With our partnership with MatchAwards, the potential to create a vibrant business network is compelling.

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Gold Mountain Refinery also holds personal significance for me, reconnecting me with my heritage as the son of immigrants who sought their fortune in the United States. I invite you to join me on this journey. We're bound to discover treasures together!

Explore how Gold Mountain Refinery can elevate your business!

Phil Moy, Founding Partner

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Gold Nugget

Come and find your nuggets of gold!

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